Sunday, April 6, 2008


Last Wednesday, I had a pretty crazy adventure. 
Dave and I had talked about fixing up my bike by stripping all the gears and breaking equipment.  I skipped my 4 o'clock class and we drove to a house a few miles off campus.  Inside the long garage, we took all the extra parts off my bike, but in the process of filling the tires, we broke the tube inside.  So, we went to a bike shop and came back around 5:30.  I had class at 6 so we quickly fitted the new tube and I hopped on my bike at 5:53 to make it to my 6 o'clock class.  I was flying down the street and passing cars.  Time of my life, maybe.  I turned and hit a brick street. My chain came loose and my back axle was bent.  I looked at the clock and I only had 4 minutes to get to class.  I pulled the chain back on and dealt with the shimmy in the back axle and went on my way.  Somehow, I pulled up to the building that my class was in as the bell was ringing.  I came into class dripping sweat with grease all over my hands, but I was on time.
My bike is all fixed now and running just fine.

Dave and Nick helped me fix up my bike.  It's so fast and slick looking now.

Also, I am doing a photo essay for the Vidette on the bike club at ISU.  Some of the pics I took that day might be in it.  I'm pumped about it!
I also got my new lens and my photo editor interview went well.  I'll know if I got the job later on this week.   

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