Saturday, February 28, 2009

ICPA (a week late)

The Vidette crew and I went to ICPA this last weekend.  ICPA is the Illinois College Publishers Association.  They give out awards and have workshops, but most importantly, Rachel and I got to compete in a "shoot out."  The topic was "The Economy"

ICPA Shoot out
This was my shot, it was a little weak. I got 9th.  Rachel did a great job and got third!

We got to stay in a swanky hotel in Chicago, and then we went out to a piano bar.

Let me introduce a few of my co-workers...
Tony A.K.A. T-Town- Sports Editor
Rachel- Photo Editor (my co-editor)
Michael- Art Director
Chelsea- News
Scott toasting. (or toasted!)

I didn't win anything this year, but I'm gonna try to win everything next year!

We had a great weekend! I'm having a great 4 weekends in a row!  In 10 minutes I'll be leaving for the arena, because I'm stringing for The Quincy Herald Whig (Quincy, Illinois' paper).  On Friday I'm leaving for the Missouri Valley Conference Championship.  Then spring break begins, and I'll be in NYC the following weekend.  

Busy, busy, busy!  

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